Sunday, November 2, 2008

So, of the twelve copies I printed on Friday, seven were sent to friends around the country, one was set aside for my mom, two were given to friends here in Salt Lake and two more were given to friends with editing/publishing backgrounds. I have only received feedback from the last two. One came in as a phone message on Saturday, the other as an email tonight. These two read my first edition and returned it with some good suggestions and a lot of critique that killed me for a while. Their comments this time around are encouraging.

I thought I was done in March. I realize how naiive and foolish I was. I wish it was true, but reality is good, and generally hard to accept, at least for me. I anticipate there will still be many changes to come, but it feels good to be on this end of it.

I also spent some time talking to Bert Compton, my cover designer and friend today. He is starting some designs we are both very excited about. On Tuesday, I am meeting with another friend, Al Thelin, a photographer who will be doing a lot of photography for me for the book for a cool idea I have for making the book feel more like a package. I'll explain later.

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