Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time breathes on and the leaves that are green turn to brown--Simon and Garfunkel

Wow, this has been a crazy month. I turned thirty-six last Friday. It's a strange thing to be thirty-six. I feel like I have done so little in my life--so many things I have yet to do. I feel like I am having a bit of a mid-life realization.

I have been signing at Costco several days a week. I have broken my record a couple of times in the past few weeks, selling as many as 82 books in Ogden last week. I don't know if it is just getting closer to Christmas and folks are looking for gifts, or if I'm getting better at selling. The thing I am most enjoying is that people are coming back to tell me how much they are enjoying the book and/or looking forward to Discovering Isaac. Nearly every day I receive emails from folks who are anxious for book two. I am very pleased the book has struck such a chord.

Speaking of Discovering Isaac, I am exhausted. The final edits have been completed and the book is now with my designer, working on layout. It is coming--a little slower than I hoped, but with any luck, the book will be done Thanksgivng weekend. I am very excited about the design and the road forward. Costco has already agreed to sell it and are waiting for the word that it is finished to place their purchase orders. Things are falling into place. I'm not sure how this all happens, but it happens. I am behind on everything else in my life, the furnace in my studio is broken, the new kiln shed has lots of work left to do, but somehow, it is all working out. I will sleep when I am dead.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ben Behunin- 64, Richard Paul Evans-3

I know I can't really compare myself to Richard Pauld Evans, the writer of 17 Best Selling novels, or something like that, but it was fun to outsell him at the Murray Costco on Friday. He was scheduled to do a book signing there on Saturday, so maybe folks were just holding off until they could meet the royal highness himself.
This was a great week for book signings at Costco. The buzz over the new Dan Brown book is fading away and I am finding my groove. I am encouraged by a whole bunch of emails from folks who are enjoying my book and recommending it to their friends. It seems this is a book that folks of all stripes are finding relevant and important and comforting.
Book Two, Discovering Isaac, is coming along well. I am still on track to have it available on November 15th or thereabouts. If you would like to be notified, let me know via email benbehunin@comcast.net.
I spent the weekend on a much needed vacation with friends down in Moab, Utah in one of my favorite places on earth, The Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park. 20 years ago I was exposed to this very unique place and have never been the same. Lynnette and I started a guest book 11 years ago in a wonderful slot canyon we call the Fat Man's Dilemna. I looked at the guestbook yesterday and was surprised to see that probably fewer than 150 people had been through there in the last 11 years. Most who had, knew me or someone I lead through. I am costantly amazed at the beauty of this earth. Utah is an amazing place to live.
Got to get to the editing of book two. Cheers. Ben