Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well, I wish I had some really exciting news to post, but I don't. Sales are continuing, but slowly and I havent had much of a chance to push the book, trying to get ready for the arts festival instead. I plan to be signing books at the Utah Arts Festival next week June 25-28 at Library Square as well as selling my pots and garden ornaments.

Getting ready for the art fest is a daunting task. It nearly consumes me. I have already spent hundreds of hours getting ready for this one and I still have a week left which means I will probably spend another hundred hours before I am set up and ready to go. This show is four days long with super long hours 12 Noon- 11pm. There is not a longer art festival this side of the Mississippi and for good reason. But I love this show. It gets me in front of lots of folks that have supported me over the years gives me a chance to show my new work, which this year includes Remembering Isaac.

I also have my first appointment to speak to a book club. This will be taking place next month, July 7. I am looking for more opportunities to speak and share my message. I'll speak to a group of any size(preferably more than three).


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