Monday, April 26, 2010

Signings in May

I have had several people request that I post my book signings on my blog, so here we go.

April 29 Salt Lake Costco 1-6 pm

May 4 Murray Costco 12-6pm

May 6 Bountiful Costco 12-6pm

May 8 Studio Mother's Day Sale and book signing at my studio 1150 E 800 S Salt Lake City Don't miss this!

May 11 Orem Costco 12-6pm

May 13 SLC Costco 12-6

May 18th Sandy Costco 12-6pm

May 20th Lehi Costco 12-6 pm

May 25th Bountiful Costco 12-6pm

I am continuing to make slow progress with the book, here a little and there a little. I have had to go back to the wheel to make some pots so I can continue to live the dream of being an author someday. That's why its nice when people buy my books instead of checking them out at the library:) Life is good, but always busy. I have been speaking to about 3-4 books clubs a week. I am still having fun, but feel sometimes like I have had to cut my candle into twelve pieces and then burn each of those pieces on both ends. Someday, this will all make sense, I am sure of it.

Meanwhile, thanks for all your supportive phone calls and emails. Cheers, Ben

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momap said...

I have loved the two books that I have read. I can't believe you are not done with the 3rd one!!! I am addicted to all of the people and the beautiful way in which the books are written. They just flow like the hum of the pottery wheel> I can not wait for the Becoming Isaac book to be finiished!!!!