Monday, May 17, 2010

I've Got Some Good News And Some Bad News

So, the good news is that I have made some great progress with the book in the last week and I hope to be done writing by the end of this week!

The bad news is that I just got off the phone with my distributor with the news that Costco is yanking my books about June 1st. I am writing you all to tell you this so if you want to pick up copies at the costco price, you have two weeks to do it. Apparently, sales have been slower and so they have decided to let it go. I am not sure what that means long term. My distributor believes they can get book 3 into Costco by September. I was shooting to have it done by the end of July, but things rarely work out the way we plan. I am still shooting for July to have my book done, but you may have to come to my studio to pick it up until we can work it back in. If you have book clubs that are reading the books in the coming months, let them know that now would be a great time to buy it from the shelves at Costco. The books will still be available from Deseret Book, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers, including

I am trying to figure out how I feel. Disappointed. Tired. Overworked and underpaid. Feeling like in the long run, this may be in a good thing as it is offering me the incentive to go out and find an agent to represent me so I can find a big publisher in New York. It will definately free up some time for me to make pottery and be with my family, but I am nevertheless, disappointed.

The Story of the third book has really taken on some incredible dimensions lately. I am excited about the things I am learning and the way I am growing along the way. I feel like the universe is open and dumping all sorts of things down the shoot and into my heart.

So, life goes on. I am excited for what lies ahead--that great unknown that keeps me humble. Cheers, Ben


Love, Deborah said...

I am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it hard only seeing a little corner of the picture but it will work out!! I'm excited to read the next book even if I have to pay a bit more for it! You're doing great!!

Randy said...

I agree with Deborah. I get some books at Costco but mainly I get them on Amazon. I think getting an agent is a good idea.
Right now I'm reading the second book. Already excited about the third book.

Anonymous said...

Ben, Don't worry about this sitution. Gods plan is always working and even though we can not see the full plan it doesn't mean that He isnt making things better for us. You have a great gift of being able to write and ability to create pottery, this is outstanding! You would not have been given these gifts if you were not supposed to use them. This is but a small hill you have in front of you. Don't forget, "Thru Christ all things are possable", don't be down, smile and make the most of this. And as you can tell all the people who have been touched by your books will be there. Personaly, I have no problem paying a little more for your books. I am not the best reader and realy I did not like to read until the last couple of years. I REALY ENJOY YOUR BOOKS. Can't wait for the next one. Chris Moore