Monday, July 12, 2010

Layout For Becoming Officially Begins Today

That's right. After a long and tedious editing time, we began today with the layout and design for the book. The cover art for this one is amazing. My friend, Erin Westenskow Berret, did the artwork--an amazing picture--she paints like Amy, and I can still afford her. You are going to want one of her pictures too as soon as you see the artwork. I spent the day working on my doodles and sketches for the book. I am a little stressed out with all I have to do. I was accepted to the Park City Arts Festival this year and have several firings I need to do in order to be ready so I will have a lot of late nights between getting ready and finishing the book. It is the twelfth of July and I am still hoping and thinking we might have it done for the festival which is on the 7th and 8th of August this year. Then I am really going to need a break.

I have been amazingly unmotivated to make pottery lately. I am sure the heat has a lot to do with it, but I am really enjoying the writing. I have two more books that are screaming at me to begin them, and I really want to, but I have to finish this one, make pots, provide for my family and find an agent.

I am glad folks are enjoying my books. I have sold over 12,000 copies now. Most of those have been passed around because we love to share books and, yes, we're cheap, :) so I am guessing that with only 12,000 copies sold, I have had nearly four million people read my books. ;)I may be off just a bit. I never hoped to get rich by this, but it would be nice to break even. Somehow, I know it will work out.

So, for those of you who have been waiting, I am going to suggest that if you want to get the most ouf to book three, you should probably reread the first two. You may have to get them back from Aunt Edna or your fourth cousins sister's grandpa, but I garauntee it will be worth it. Cheers. Ben


Melissa Seager said...

Hi Mr. Behunin.

I tried using your "contact" link on your website, but I don't have hotmail, so I couldn't email you! So I hate to post all this here, but I wanted to get in touch with you...I won't be the least bit upset if you remove this comment from your blog when you're done with it!

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~Melissa Seager


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sarah baldwin said...

oh ben... i need a break just reading all that YOU have on your plate to finish. i must admit that i did borrow discovering from my mom but have purchased my own copy so i can mark up all my favorite quotes. you are right that it will all work out... it ALWAYS does when we are following god. thank you for following the lord and blessing all of our lives!

Anonymous said...

Ben, Chris from Rock Springs Wy here.
Well its nice to see you blogging again. You know I understand your lack of motivation due to the heat it is dreadfull! I also understand wanting to at least break even on the books. However, I want to help you in your endevors so here it goes. When I came down there with my family to meet you and pick up some of your pottery, they had a great time. Not only seeing and experiancing your pottery but also experiancing you and your story. That day and time was the hilight of our trip there. As for your pottery well, lets just say your wears have brought great conversation and happiness to our family. We enjoy not only using your art but also displaying it. It doesn't sit in the cabnets!! It's always out in full view. Moving on to your books. I have a friend who is a doctor there in town. He to would like to break even on his work and practice. But like you becouse he lives by his faith in helping others and what not, his payment doesnt always come from monies. But comes in diffrent ways. Example.... He was about to loose his practice due to some new laws. He asked me to pray for him and his family and the sitution. Of course I did, but, when he needed the help it came from everyone, everyone who he had helped and others who had just heard of him and the things he did. (I think you can see Who the underlieing person is who made this happen) What does this have to do with you? Well, you see you work just as hard and bring joy and happiness to this world thru your creations which God has blessed you with. Weather it be pottery or your books. You have helped and touched so many people in so many ways that if you keep your focus you will prevail. O.K. so now that I have stood on my soap box and preached to you I only ask that you do one more thing now that you have read this long email. Read Matthew 6:33. For this is what I see you doing and remember your riches are not here but they are being storred in heaven. You are a rich man where it counts.