Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Horror, The Horror! I am not a patient person. That is one of my many faults. I finished writing several weeks ago. I have done several rounds of edits and now I am waiting. Waiting. WAITING! for things beyond my control. Bert Compton, my friend and layout engineer extraordinaire has been working hard and just finished the layout last night, or at 4 am this morning, rather. I am exceedingly excited! This has been a long time coming.

Ten years ago I started writing a book about Isaac. Sometime next week, the ten years worth of labor and long nights and sweat will pay off when I pick up my first thousand copies from the printer. I am trying to decide if I should go with Alexander's in Lindon or with FC Printing here in Salt Lake. Alexander's is a digital press where FC Printing is offset printing. I am not sure what is better and I am waiting for a phone call from a friend in the printing business to inform me.

This has been an expensive venture. I hope that I will cover my costs at least and be able to find a good distributor and lots of bookstores that want to buy it. My dream right now is to get into Costco. If anyone out there has any pull, put in a good word for me. I have told the good people in Niederbipp to cross their fingers.

Art and Soup, my first show of the year, will begin in ten days. This is where I will be debuting my book. Am I excited? Heck yes. Am I nervous what the public will think? Absolutely, but I am thinking this will be a good thing. Those who have read the book so far are really liking it and are looking forward to volume two. I have to believe if a book about vampires can sell millions of copies, I will be able to sell at least a thousand.

Bert understands the book. He read it a few weeks ago which has been helpful for him as he has laid it out. He is an artist and a perfectionist and he has done some really cool things. There are lots of sketches throughout the book and a picture on every other page that creates a flash cartoon when you flip through the pages. It is really going to be an experience, not just a book. I am very happy with what I have seen so far.

My friend, Mike RAmsdell, who wrote the Train to Potevka is in California this week, working on the screenplay for his book. He told me in an email that Simon and Schuster just contacted him about his book. He has, to this point, been self-published and sold most of his 400,000 copies through costco. Simon and Schuster could do big things for him. Maybe that will be me in three years.

In my impatience, I have begun volume two. I hope it will go a lot faster. I am hoping to finish it by Christmas and have two book available at my Christmas Open house. I am spured on by the fact that those that have read the book want more. Zippideedoodah!

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