Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dan Brown-32 Ben Behunin-56

Well, its not everyday I sell more books than Dan Brown, but I did today, at least at the Murray Costco. It was a good day, lots of nice folks and I had enough energy to enjoy it.
Since I wrote last, I have recieved another order for 400 books from Costco which brings my back order status to a whopping 900 books. The second edition of Volume one will be out on Tuesday next. This is starting to become fun.
I printed five copies of volume 2 on Monday. My mom asked for an early copy to read on her trip to Norway. I promised my father in law a copy. Bert Compton, my layout guy got a copy to begin working on his part. Another two copies went to friends and editors. I still hope and think I am on track to have the book ready by November 1 or soon there after.
Life is good.


Tami Harris said...

Well, I don't know if you remember me, but I chose your book over Dan Brown's at the Bountiful Costco on Tuesday and I'm so glad I did. I came home and started reading and just finished the book tonight. I loved it! I will be the first in line for number 2 and three. It was happy, beautiful, and a breath of fresh air...thank you. I will tell everyone I know.

Melissa said...

Ben.. I bought your book on Friday and started reading it today. I actually bought Dan's first but after reading the first few chapters, I can't put it down. It will go on my goodreads list. It is a very well written. I was the lady who grew up in Ohio and my parents are farmers in Toledo. Thank you. I can't wait to share it with family and hope I cand find a piece of pottery to give with the book. Love it!!!


Bob said...

You cornered us (if that's possible at Costco) wrote in our book (so we were obligated...) and now can't wait for your next one! What a wonderful talent.
Bob & Casey