Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Moon?

Last night was a full moon, I think. I didn't sleep, kept awake by the moonbeams that filtered through my shutters, painting stripes on my floor. I should have gotten up to close them, but there is something incredible about moonbeams, whatever power they have over the night.
I was up late working on edits for Remembering Isaac with Bert Compton, my layout guy and my friend. Together, we have known many late nights on this book and will know many more, I'm sure, before this series is over.
You may ask why I am editing this book now. I am back ordered 450 books with an order that has come in from Costco of Utah. Each store ordered 100 books after a good showing on Friday and Saturday at the Sandy store. I sold out of 100 books in a day and a half . I found my groove, which I suppose is like finding one's thrill on blueberry hill. I actually had a good time, too.
So, before I print my next edition of 5000 books, I thought I would clean up a few things. I spent a lot of hours making minor tweeks and fixing punctuation in the book. It feels good. I also spent some more time yesterday editing book two. I am really liking it. It is a different feel than book one. I feel like I have become a much better writer in book two which is encouraging and works well with the way Jake also progresses.
I originally printed 1500 books and hoped I would sell them all by Christmas. By September 1, I had sold them all and had the back order too. I am meeting my distributor this morning to hand over 200 books which will help is back order problem, but won't solve it for a couple of weeks until I get the books back from the printer.
I will be speaking to another book club on Tuesday. This seems to be a good book for book groups. It is clean, won't make you blush and offers a lot of good things to think about. I am also enjoying hearing about the broad appeal it has for so many people.
Yesterday, I began taking down my deck in preparation for building a new kiln shed. We hope to make some changes to our house next spring and moving my kiln will be necessary to make those changes. I figured while I'm at it, I might as well do it right. I am making the kiln smaller. I no longer need so much space because I am no longer using as much clay. The kiln shed will be functional for all my needs and make the back yard more attractive.
I also got my proposed schedule for book signings yesterday. I will be signing 3-4 days a week as soon as all the stores have their books. I dont know when I am going to make pots. I am already tired.
So, I guess I better get up. I have books to deliver, and will be signing today in Sandy at the Costco from 12-6. Wish me luck.

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