Friday, January 15, 2010

Be connected to Isaac in cyberspace! An invitation to create your own review on

Since the time I began signing books at Costco, I have had lots of folks ask if my book has been reviewed on It has been and currently has 5 stars, but only 15 people have reviewed the book. To date, we have sold more than 8500 copies combined of the first two books, so I have a feeling that people either don't know how, or they are just too doggone busy to figure it out. I filled out a review a little while ago on another book and it is very simple once you know where to go. Here is the easiest way I know how.
I should mention first that this will only work if you have purchased something from Amazon before. See below for more details.
-Got to
-In the box just above the word and picture of the Kindle, type in- Remembering Isaac. Then press the "GO" button to the right of that box.
-Remembering Isaac will come up with a picture of the cover. To the right of the book cover are five stars and to the right of that is a number in parenthesis. At the time of writing this blog, the number is 15 so it looks like (15). Click on that number, whatever the number is, and all the customer reviews will pop up.
-At the top of that page, just underneath the stars, there is a button that says, "Create your own review." If you click on that, and follow the prompts, you will be able to quickly write your own review and then push the button that says, publish, or something like that. You can give it the stars you think it deserves. Of course, five stars means you liked it, one star means you didnt like it so much.
I know that by asking for you to post your opinion, it may cause my ratings to drop, but I think its important to have a lot of ratings and we'll still be friends if you hated my book and say so.
You are also welcome to leave a review for Discovering Isaac as well. I really appreciate your help.
I should mention that this will only work if you have an Amazon account which only requires that you once bought something from If you go to from the computer with which you made the purchase, Amazon should recognize you, even if you forgot your password. If you have any qestions, post a comment on this blog and I will respond to you. With so many people having read the book, it seems like it would be easy to double or triple the reviews in the next few weeks. Please tell your friends that have read the book and invite them to do the same.
Thanks so much. Ben


JefeJivaro said...

Hey Ben...Deanne and I need to re-stock on copies of your book for more gifts. When and where will you be signing again?

Ben said...

I will be in Ogden on Tuesday, Orem on Thursday and Sandy on Friday. I know all of those are out of your way, or give me a call 801-883-0146. Thanks for promoting my book. Ben