Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fifty one pages in to Becoming Isaac

So, I am trying to find a balance between my work in the studio as a potter and book signings and what I really want to be doing most of the time--writing. I signed books yesterday in Bountifl after making 50 cereal bowls. I was hoping to get some writing done--ideas were burning holes in my head, but I didnt get to do any writing yesterday until very late. I wrote some on Monday after making bowls and again today after making bowls. I guess Ilike to make bowls. They take up space in my big kiln and feed my family, so what's not to like.

I have learned that if I don't make pots, I can't write. Somehow the world of writing is connected to the world of creation and silence found in my work at the wheel. This book is being different for me than the others have and I find myself learning and being taught by what is coming out of my fingers. I am learning a lot about the need for forgiveness. How many of us have been holding on to grudges and hurt in our relationships with family and friends? I never thought I did, but as I write about Amy and her dad and Sam and his son and Mr. Allan and his kids, there is a common theme that continues to rise to the surface. I feel like this book is working on me at least as much as I am working on it. There is contention in this book and I don't do contention very well. When I go back and read it, I dont feel it so much, but when I write it, it takes time and effort. Today, I spent the better part of an hour on one paragraph--learning and discovering pieces of myself--things I want to change--things I want to overcome. I don't know if others will feel similarly. I guess time will tell. I will say that is it really isnt fair that you as a reader can read in ten minutes what takes me a week to write. I either need to write faster or figure out a way to slow you down.

I will be signing at the Lehi Costco tomorrow from 2-6 and then speaking tomorrow night at a Mentors Series from 7-9 in the Olympus Cove area. Oh, and I am speaking to a book club tomorrow at noon. SO I wont be writing much tomorrow.

On Saturday, you can find me at the SLC Downtown Costco from noon -6.

Thanks to those who responded to my invitation to fill out a review on Amazon. I have already had four people respond, fortunately, with postitive reviews. I invite you to take five minutes and write your own review. Instructions can be found on the previous blog entry. Thanks and cheers. Ben


Marti Hawker said...

I just finished "Remebering Isaac" this evening. I enjoyed the book so much! i bought a signed book at Costco from you just before Christmas. I look foward to reading your next book. I enjoyed the creativity of the book and getting to know the poeple of Niederbipp. Thanks!

Kay said...

Our book group unanimously voted today to read Discovering Isaac for February. We read Remembering Isaac back in November and have truly been blessed and awed by your insightfulness, knowing the true source, and glad that you are an instrument in his hand to teach these eternal truths. THANKS SO MUCH

Ben said...

Kay, so glad to hear it. I speak to book groups all the time and would love to come and tell your group about the story behind the story. Let me know. Thanks, Ben

kay said...

Ben we enjoyed having you join our book club today. THANK YOU for sharing your time and knowledge. We look forward to book three and wish you all the best in its creation. Thank you for being the potter who lets the master potter do is work on you and blesses us all.