Sunday, November 28, 2010

Studio Open House Begins December 4

I have been somewhat neglectful of my blog in recent weeks. I have been busy working in the studio, making pots, cleaning, dusting, getting ready for the Studio Open House which begins officially this Saturday at ten. So, here it is
Wild Rooster Artworks
Studio Open House
Official Dates December 4, 11, 18
Unofficial Dates --The Entire Month of December
except Sundays
1150 E 800 S
Salt Lake City, Utah
10 am - 5pm

Unofficial means there probably won't be any treats as there will be on the Saturdays, but there will be lots of great pots and books and a tour of the studio. If you haven't been here before, you really need to come. It is a wild, creative place. If you come on the unofficial days, give me a call before hand just to make sure I am here and not Christmas shopping, but I do plan to be around most of the time and it is likely that you will catch me at the wheel, making pots or glazing or loading the kiln.
On Saturdays, you will find the studio cleaned up, organized and filled with lots of people waiting to taste Lynnette's cookies or handmade toffee that she will have available to sample and for sale for $10/ half pound box. It's amazing. She will also have carmel and licorice carmel available for $8/ box.
I have the Niederbipp Trilogy available here for $36.00--40% off retail price.
The pottery is also on sale for 10% off. This is something I do every December for my customers, but this year I am offering my customers a no-pressure opportunity to help out local charities by donating the 10% you would have saved to places like the Utah Food Bank and others.
I am also doing a shoe drive. Bring a pair of new or used shoes to donate to charity and you will receive one free Fridgehead magnet for each pair of shoes you bring.
Parking is a little tricky. You are welcome to pull into my driveway, or park on 8th South and walk.
I look forward to seeing you.
Happy Holidays!
p.s. you can see a lot of my work at

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