Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Great First Open House, Two More To Go!

Saturday was a zoo—a marvelous, crazy, wonderful zoo. Our house was filled with people and there a was a line up the stairs in the studio to get books and pots. Some people were discouraged by the line and went back into the house to see if Lynnette would ring them up.  It was not my intention to have a long line and I'm sorry one formed and continued most of the day. It was a great success. I sold about 500 copies of the new book and lots of pots.
The open house will continue this Saturday and next (December 8, 15) from 10am -5pm at 1150 East 800 South in SLC. Tell your friends and come and take a tour of Niederbipp!
We wondered if anyone would be interested in touring the house since so many people have come through on the past two open houses in May and last December, but we had more people come through on Saturday than we have ever had before. Apparently people are telling their friends. Thank you. The more the merrier. If, however, you wan to avoid the crowd, the studio will be open all week. I had a dozen people stop by today and many more will be coming tomorrow. Just give me a call and come on over. 801-883-0146. IF you want to see the house, Lynnette says come on Saturday. She is busy making more candy after selling out in the first hour on Saturday.
I hope to see you sooner rather than later. You are going to love the new book, Borrowing Fire, and I think the heart rocks are holding out. I spent the summer collecting them in anticipation of these open houses. Every book purchased during the month of December from my studio will receive a free heart rock with the book. Come and get em, they're going fast.
I have been up late making pots to try and fill in the holes left after Saturday's open house. I hope to see you soon.
Cheers,  Ben

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