Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring in the Valley of Awesomeness.

I usually experience seasonal funks, but this year has been especially bad. I think part of it was because we spent a month in Newport Beach and came home to snow, low temps, and frozen pipes. I have not felt like writing, even though the muses have been singing in my ear. I have not been super excited about making pots even though I have boatloads of ideas. I have not felt like breathing, even though I am still in need of oxygen. I have not felt like sending query letters to agents even though I know that is really the only way to find one. I have been in a funky, non-motivated state for the way too long. But that is beginning to change. Two weeks ago, I sent out my first 10 query letters. I have already received 4 rejections which hurt a lot less than I imagined. I am refining my letter and plan to send more soon. But my big break came on Saturday. I needed to get some work done in the studio, and was bummed because it was the first really nice day in about 400 days, or so it seemed. Realizing I couldn't go hiking and get my work done, I opted for a happy hybrid. I opened the garage door for the first time in 6 months and let the sunshine in. It was awesome. I was productive and motivated and it felt so ding-dang good, I actually found myself feeling happy. I should be happy. I have a lot to be happy about. And when the sun shines, I tend to recognize it more. Yay for sun!
Being away from writing for the last few weeks has made me rusty. I tried to get back to it today and though I know where the story wants to go after thinking about it everyday for the past few weeks, I wrote a whopping two paragraphs in about three hours. I know I need to give this more of my attention. I am still dealing with the old fears that have been proven ridiculous over and over again, but still I have a hard time setting aside the time to write when there are pots to make and shows to get ready for, and and and..... My goal was to have a new book for release at Christmas, and I still have lots of time, but I know that if I don't write everyday, it won't happen. I hope the sunshine will help with the motivation. Living on the south side of my street, my front yard is still filled with snow, but the piles around the yard are getting smaller and my hope is getting bigger, and life is beginning to look up. I know I am solar powered. Never has that been more clear to me as it has this year.
I am including a picture I took while in Watts earlier this year. My new book is set there and I am surrounding myself with the pictures to keep me motivated. I know it is still early yet, but I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy spring. It's gonna be awesome!

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Richard A. Costigan said...

Hello my Friend...
... some days we spend more time sharpening the pencil, and shavings on the floor, then we do putting marks on the paper... the sun is "up" each day and if you go high enough through the clouds the sky is blue and the light is brighter... just do not shrink!