Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother's Day Open House May 9-11--Just in time to save your Bacon!

A friend asked me on Sunday how the writing was going. I was sad to report that it wasn't going at all. I have done little but make pottery night and day for the last few months. I've got a lot of pottery to show for it, but the stories are working on me hard, screaming sometimes to get out. I am anxious to get to it.

But first, let me announce our Annual Mother's Day Extravaganza
Studio Sale and Home Tour
May 9, 10, 11, 2013
10 am -5pm Daily
1150 East 800 South Salt Lake City, Utah
Books, Pottery, Yard Art, a ride on the Zipline of Happiness, a tour of our crazy home!

If you haven't been here in the last year, you haven't been here. I have been working on my stairs in the studio, covering them with tile, and I also hope to have Isaac's Bench done in time for the open house. I've got a lot to do. I wish my body didn't get tired because there is so much more I would like to do. For now, sleep is calling me and I must yield. Hope to see you on Mother's Day Weekend.

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