Friday, August 28, 2009

Costco book signing

Well, today was my first of what I hope will become many book signings at Costco. My distributor set this up for me down at the Sandy store. I signed from noon to 6 and sold 51 copies. It was a lot of work. I am used to having people walk into my booth at a festival and walk out carrying something they like. Selling books is not such an easy sell. I had several people tell me they would look for my book at the library. I've always been a book buyer, eventhough I do have a library card that I use frequently. There is something about a book, the way it smells, the way it feels in your hand. I buy books because I often take a while to read them. I buy books because I like to revisit them. I buy books because they look good on my shelf. I buy books because I like to mark them up and reference them later. But, I guess some people don't like to buy books. For those that do and especially those that have bought one of mine, thanks. You have made it possible for me to continue to write books, even if you do share the book you bought with all your friends and neighbors. Thanks.
While at Costco today, I saw the Stephanee Meyer collection. Maybe if I ever sell a million books, I'll do the collection set too. Seems like a good way to sell four books at a time.
So, I guess what I wanted to say is that I am realizing that today was not a book signing like you see on tv where people are ligned up to get your autograph. I didnt really expect that, and that's a good thing because it was not that at all. For starters, no one has heard of my book. I have sold 1000 copies and maybe as many as 2000 people in the world have read it, but you have to start somewhere near the bottom. I am revising my pitch. Today I said a lot of really stupid things, but someday in the next ten years, I hope to figure this out. I feel like I am starting from scratch with this business. People have loved my pots for years and frankly, that has probably made me a little lazy, as they sell themselves. Not so with books. I didnt have to tackle anyone and hogtie them to listen to my pitch, at least not yet, but I am trying to figure out how sell my book. Without action, vampires and sex, my book may not appeal to everyone, but I believe the book has a broad appeal and the folks that are reading it seem to agree, at least the ones that are related to me.
So, I should be on a date with my wife, but we are both exhausted. She is reading volume two next to me on her laptap while I write this blog. Really romantic, eh. I'll do better next week. If you're reading this on Friday, drop by costco tomorrow for lunch and book.

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