Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Discovering Isaac should be in Costco!

By now, Discovering Isaac should be in all Utah Costco stores. I will be signing today, Dec 15th in Sandy and tomorrow at the Lehi Costco from noon to 6. I hope to see you there or if that doesent fit your schedule, you can find me at my studio this Saturday from 9-5 at 1150 E 800 S in Salt Lake. The studio will be stocked with mugs, bowls. platters, tiles and Lynnette's tasty victuals--as well as both books. Come on over. Ben


JefeJivaro said...

Deanne and I been reading Discovering Isaac, and I agree, it's even better than the first one (thank you for autographing it and to your Dad for dropping it off on our doorstep). Thanks for the compelling tales! Good luck with Book 3.

Helen said...

I met you at Costco and read your book because I liked you. Now I have to read all 3. Thanks for sharing Neiderbipp.