Monday, December 7, 2009

Costco Delays Debut of Discovering Isaac until Dec 14

Yep, that's right--not until the 14th. I spoke to my distributor today after receiving several phone calls from unhappy folks who went to Costco to find Discovering Isaac and discovered it was not available yet. I am sorry. The only explanation I have been given is that it is a busy Christmas season. I apologize to those of you who have been waiting. I am already getting feed back from those who have read the second one and they all tell me they liked the second one even more than the first.
My schedule for signing at Costco has changed a little. Several of the days I planned to sign have been cut.
This week I will be in in Bountiful on Tuesday, the 8th from noon to 6.
Wednesday the 9th at Murray fron noon to 6 and
Thursday the 10th at Ogden from noon to 6.
On Saturday I will be having my pottery open house at my studio at 1150 E 800 S in Salt Lake. I will post next weeks schedule as it is confirmed. Apparently, lots of other folks wanted to start doing book signings too and they are working their way into the stores and squeezing little guys like me out.
The Studio Open House was very well attended this weekend. Lots of folks came to pick up the second book as well as copies of the Remembering Isaac for gifts--All together I sold about 150 books on Saturday. Come on over on Saturday. I would love to see you. Ben

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