Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Second Printing Of Volume One Sold Out!

I would have updated this blog earlier, but I have been busy with my open house here at my studio. Every other spare minute has been dedicated to getting Remembering Isaac ready for its third printing. I got a call from my distributor last week congratulating me. I didnt know what he was talking about, but he explained that he had sold out of his 4500 copies of the book and is back ordered 350 copies. I actually printed 5000 copies, but held onto about 500 to sell myself. I have only about 150 of those remaining. I will begin the process for the third printing today. One of my pottery clients purchased my book-first printing- this spring and brought it back to me last week with alot of minor changes. Apparently I dont know how to use a colon, semi colon or comma correctly. So, in the third printing, for all you english majors and nitpickers, the aforementioned tools of punctuation will be correct. We are also branding the cover with BOOK ONE so folks don't get confused which one comes first.
I am signing today in Orem at Costco. Tomorrow I will be in SAndy and on Christmas Eve, I will be at the Bountiful store. Come and see me and pick up book 2 if you havent already. Cheers and Merry Christmas. Ben

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Mike and Deb said...

what time will you be signing at Bountiful? I am excited to pick up my copy!!