Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I need a break

I am trying to motivate myself to go to my book signing today in Murray from noon to six. I am tired, having spent about ten hours yesterday working on book three. I will be in Bountiful tomorrow during the same times.
I have noticed as I have been writing about Amy and her parents and the contention that swells around them, that I am emotionally disturbed by that contention. I am not sure if it hits too close to home, but as an eternal peacemaker, it goes against my nature. As I work through these things in my writing, I feel good when it is over, but when I am in the thick of it, I am on edge and cantankerous and nothing is right with the world. I suppose that is one reason I gave up TV a few years ago--I find myself living whatever I see--somehow the emotions of whatever it is translate into my real life in a negative way.
Case in point...this morning I am a little perterbed about a movie I took my kids too last night-Where the wild things are. I loved this book growing up, but this movie is a total flop from my point of view--no real story line, bad cinamatography, a movie dedicated to the bad behavior of children. It began poorly and ended poorly and I am glad I saw it at the dollar movie rather than paying full-price for it. I am sure it had to be an expensive movie to produce because they basically destroyed a whole island. Just a weird, lame movie. I feel sorry for the producers. They really could have done a much better job.
Listen to me be a movie critic! I've never really liked critics and suddenly i just became one. But I feel better and I think I can go sign books now and be okay. Happy New Year.


McDougald Family said...

I'm excited for the next book to come out. We are having our bookclub Jan 12th at my home. Any news on the release date yet so I can share the information?

Congrats on your 3rd printing!! Very exciting for you and your family.

Thanks for the movie review...we haven't seen it yet.


Melinda said...

Thanks for doing the book signings! I was in Utah visiting family over the holidays and my sister and I went to Costco. You happened to be there and she bought your second book. She loaned me the first book and I read it in a day this past week. I decided I can't wait to borrow the second one from her, so I just ordered both from Amazon. Wish it was in our Costco here in California!