Monday, November 2, 2009

Layout for book two begins tonight!

For those of you who know and enjoyed book one, I believe part of the adventure of it was the layout--maybe it was even a significant part of your experience with the book. Unfortunately, all the pictures have to be drawn, scanned, edited, photoshopped and made ready before the layout can even begin. My buddy, Bert Compton, has been busy making these elements ready for book two and so tonight we are going to begin putting it all together. This is where the fun begins--the work is nearly done.
Bert is a very gifted artist and has really shared the vision I had for this book. I am an artist. I am moderately creative and I believe a book can best be enjoyed when the design of the book is creative. I spend a lot of extra time with this and a whole lot of money, but I believe it is worth it. It helps makes my book an experience--not just a book. We are planning to have the book to the printer by next week and they have promised to have the book back to us on Monday the 23rd of November.
Also, I began writing Becoming Isaac last night--the third and most likely the final book in this series. I am only two pages into it, but it feels good. I spent all day Saturday and again today working on a giant mosaic on my kiln shed. The work has given me some time to think about the book. A lot of the story has some aspects of my own interpersonal conflicts. It is difficult for me to work through these things. I know it will all work out in the wash, but I am struggling to make sense of it--how Jake and Amy are going to respond--how I am going to respond. I know that is really vague, but I'd hate to ruin it for you. Cheers. Ben

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