Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well, after many months of preparation, work and worry, the second volume of my series is officially out. I picked up my first two boxes on Friday on my way home from a book signing at the Murray Costco. Discovering Isaac is amazingly beautiful. The layout is fun with lots of eye candy in the form of sketches and some awesome old woodcuts from historical sources. My graphic designer, my friend Bert Compton is very pleased as well. I dropped him off a copy late Friday night, hoping to shine a glimmer of happiness in his life. After twelve years as an art director for Jacobs, he was laid off on Friday. I hope this will give him the impetous he needs to follow his heart and do what he has been wanting to do for years--own his own business doing graphic design. Spread the word.
I have said it before, but if you enjoyed book one, you are really going to love book 2. 500 books will be delivered to my home on Monday. The rest of the 5000 are being delivered to Brigham Distributing on Monday. With any luck, they will be available in Costco by the first week in December. Hope to see you soon at a Costco near you. For now, I think I will shut off my kiln and finally get to bed. Good night. Ben