Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Book 2 Debut at Open House this weekend.

Every book deserves a birthday party. Five hundred copies of book 2, Discovering Isaac, were delivered to my home last Tuesday. I have already sold nearly 100, but I figured it's time to do it right. This Saturday (Dec 5) will begin my open house at my Studio. I spent the day glazing and am now firing the kiln. I will don another firing on Wednesday so I will have loads of new pots along with copies of both book one and two available. I hope to see you there.
1150 E 800 South in Salt Lake. The open house will continue on December 12 and 19. Cheers, Ben

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Kathi said...

I loved it. I happened to pick up Book 1 at Costco a couple of weeks ago because your name was on it. I just finished it and felt so good! Going tomorrow to get Book 2. It was calm, peaceful and thoughtful reading. Something I really needed right now.
Kathi Kimble-Curt's mom-remember us?