Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin 6, Ben Behunin 74

I don't why I get a kick out of competing with the big boys and girls, but it's fun. Sarah's book came out this week, I think and from what I've observed, it is not selling very well. Today I signed in Bountiful at the Costco and sold 74 book and met lots of great people. Some of them buy my pots. Most of them, I have never met. It was a strange day--so many people in a big fat hurry that they didnt have much time to stop. I wonder if it has something to do with the phases of the moon.

GOOD NEWS! Book two has been printed and is going to be delivered to my distributor on Friday. I will have books on Friday as well so if anyone can't wait, I will be around all day Saturday, glazing and loading a kiln, but I'll have time to stop and sign a book if you want to stop by. Give me a call first 801-883-0146.

I also have the schedule for book signings for the next month. It is as follows;

*Friday Nov 20th--Murray Costco 12-5

*Friday Nov 20th--Art Access Gallery- Gallery Stroll 6-9pm

*Tuesday Nov 24--SLC Costco 12-6

*Friday and Saturday Nov 27-28 Clay Arts Utah Holiday Sale--I will be showing my pots and signing books, both volume one and two. Sugarhouse Garden Center 2100 South 1600 East 10-5pm

* Tuesday Dec 1 Lehi Costco

* Thursday Dec 3- Orem Costco

*Friday Dec 4-Sandy Costco

*Saturday December 5- Wild Rooster Artworks Studio Open House 1150 E 800 South SLC- come see my pots and both books available

*Tuesday Dec 8 Bountiful Costco

*Wednesday Dec 9 Murray Costco

*Thursday Dec 10 Ogden Costco

*Friday Dec 11 Orem Costco

*Saturday Dec 12 Wild Rooster Artworks Studio Open House 1150 E 800 South-pottery and books

*Tuesday Dec 15 Sandy Costco

*Wednesday Dec 16 Lehi Costco

*Thursday Dec 17 Sandy Costco

*Friday Dec 18 Orem Costco

Saturday Dec 19 Wild Rooster Artworks Studio Open House-Pottery and books

Monday Dec 21 Sandy Costco

Tuesday Dec 22 Orem Costco

Wednesday Dec 23 Sandy

Thursday Dec 24 Bountiful

Tuesday Dec 29 Murray

Wednesday Dec 30 Bountiful

This is going to be a grueling schedule, but I guess that is what this business is all about. I will sleep when I am dead. But first, I have a lot of pots to make. Cheers. Ben



Anonymous said...

I bought your book on the 18th at Costco in Bountiful...I was one of those people in a hurry, but I am so glad I stopped, listened and bought a book! My husband and I were headed on a trip so as he drove I read aloud to him...We loved your book! You are very talented. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us! I can't wait to read the next one.

Mike and Deb said...

Hi Ben! I was also one of those people who bought your book in Bountiful and I have to tell you I am so glad I did! It was so good and just spoke to my heart as an artist also trying to live the dream and I am excited to read the next one! I am going to try and come to the Bountiful Costco again on the 24th (my birthday!) and have you sign the next book for me, it will be a great birthday present for me! Also, I am just so excited to share this book with others who I think can use some inspiration! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

How lucky I am to have stopped in Costco twice in December and both times you were there signing books. I bought the first volume the first time and the second book the next time. Thanks for adding writing to your list of talents!